Saturday, April 26, 2008

Manda's Sick - Upgrades

Sinusitis is the order of the day, and for the pain she started with percocet. Now she's on oxycodone. Oh, yeah: hillbilly heroine!
I spent about 3 hours with her tonight, or maybe I should say I spent about 3 hours near her. She'd be in the middle of flipping through the channels and drift off for a minute. Toward the end of the evening she was more off than on, so I figured I'd let the drugs do their job and head home to fold laundry.
I got to see my dear college friends Maureen and Kate. Maureen flew in from NY to see Amanda, and Kate drove her to town. I wouldn't have recognized Kate at all, had she not stepped out of the same car as Maureen (who hasn't changed one iota!). It was great to see them, and I wish they could have stayed longer.

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