Monday, April 14, 2008

Manda's Sick - Hey, can I get some of that tasty sickness?

I haven't updated like I said I would. ("Really?", you say? "Hadn't noticed...")

I was coming home to update the blog Friday night when I was stricken with a strange combination of belly cramps and hunger. I wolfed down a whole diGiorno personal pizza (900 calories, thank you very much), did a little work on the Miata, and went to bed.
At 3:30am, I was up with a belly that was distended and hard. At 3:50am, I realized there was no holding the pizza down.
I lost the second round of belly-warfare at 5:30am, and the 3rd round around 6:15. Round 4 was unceremonious at around 7am, and my stomach declared total victory.
Then came the fever. It climbed and climbed throughout the day, peaking at 102.6 by 7pm.
Does it help to mention that I felt like hell? I watched, and in my feverish, sleepless state actually really enjoyed Night at the Museum, and while waiting for the NASCAR race to start at 8:45pm (we don't have the cable, and I felt too crappy to move over to the DVD shelf), I actually watched about half of a hockey game, a few innings of baseball, and even a single hole of golf, interspersed with random cooking and home-improvement shows on PBS. Even NOVA sucked on Saturday.
What's my point? Certainly not to detract from Amanda's illness, but I missed the beginning of her chemo. It felt like missing the birth of my child. I broke down and sobbed several times throughout the day, but there was just nothing I could do about it.

The event, as I understand it, was anti-climactic.

Amanda is still doing and feeling well on her 3rd day of chemo. I've been by twice to see her, but I don't feel like I get to spend nearly enough time with her. Each time has been less than an hour, and I'm running around after Alastair to keep him out of trouble. I so didn't see this week working out like this.
But, on the bright side, I am finally getting some time with him. I didn't see him from Friday morning until noon on Sunday, when he (and my dad and fantabulous stepmother) showed up at the autocross for my last run.
I got to work from home today so that I could give him some semblance of normalcy.
Tomorrow he's back to his grandparents' house, and I'm back to work, further lamenting my separation from the most wonderful woman in my life.
Woe is me, right?


Ev said...

I know that this whole thing is hard on you. I can't imagine being separated from Jeff like that and having my whole world turned topsy-turvy. Everyone is praying for you, too.

Hopefully Jeff & I will get over one evening this week for Adrian & Alastair time. We'll make Jeff change a diaper for practice!

Girl With Curious Hair said...

I have been thinking of you often--if not commenting--and can only imagine the stress on your shoulders. If it helps at all, I decided not to send gift certificates to you to any pizza establishments. I prefer you don't associate me with discomfort and stomach flu.

Lo said...

Hi! You don't know me and I came across your and Manda's blogs through another blog I regularly read. My son's school is having a blood drive next week and I would like to donate blood in Manda's honor...any idea how I do that? Also, I am on the bone marrow registry. I realize you're not to that point (hopefully you won't get there), but if there's a way to double check to see if I'm a match, I would do it. I live relatively close to you all in Norfolk. I hope I'm not overstepping boundaries here, but my heart goes out to your family. I have a three year old little boy and I can't imagine how hard this is for all of you. If there's anything a complete stranger can do, let me know.