Friday, April 25, 2008

Manda's Sick - Biopsy #3 in the Series--Collect them all!

Today was the big test. The one that determines the next phase of treatment for my darling wife. The one for which the church elders came and prayed over her last night. The Big One.
I showed up just as the doctor was rolling her back onto her back in the bed and the nurse was cleaning up: as usual, I missed a biggie (to be fair, though, I wasn't expected to be there; it was coincidence that I showed up during the time of the procedure at all).
Almost immediately after the doctor left, a pair of Radiology Transportation folks showed up to cart her downstairs for another head CT. She had noticed a lump in her neck, reported it to her doctor, and he had called for a CT. He suspects it's a swollen lymph node, which is a little weird, as that's generally evidence of the immune system functioning. Amanda's not supposed to have a functional immune system.
Anyway, almost as soon as she got back to her room from that, they came back with results from the biopsy. The results?

Drum roll please....

Inconclusive! Yes, while the leukemia cells seem to be "almost entirely" gone, there are some curious blast cells that need further examination. They're either the remaining undead that Zombie Warrior missed on her last rounds, or they're regular white blood cells that simply haven't had time to finish developing.
Obviously we're hoping for the latter, but we won't know for sure until Monday, when the additional results are expected. If we get bad news, it's back to the chemo for a bit.
Meanwhile, Amanda's thunderdouche* GP sent us an non-itemized bill for $200. Apparently he thinks he should get paid for failing to order even the simplest of blood tests that could have revealed Amanda's disease almost a full month prior to her ER visit.
*Thanks, Pajiba!


Girl With Curious Hair said...

I don't like ambulance chasers very much (ok, I kind of hate them), but I think this would be a good time to think of suing the doctor--or at least reporting him to the State Medical Board.

Marissa said...

You guys hang in there! Lots of love to you still...