Monday, May 09, 2011


So...some things have happened recently.

1. The boy and I repeated our pilgrimage to DC last month. It was awesome, and portions were quite adventurous. It needs its own dedicated post, but for now an aside will have to suffice, because...
2. We got a dog. Well, a puppy, to be precise. A black lab / pit bull mix. He's adorable, about 6 months old, and is working on house-breaking right now. He's also just about done teething, so everything is getting chewed. It's an adventure, and the cats are none-too-thrilled, but we love Sparky (short for Dammit) to death.
3. We went to the circus! But I had to leave early because...
4. I got engaged! Yep, folks, that's right: I'm marrying K. The date is set for October of this year, with honeymoon expected to be in the US Virgin Islands--hurricanes permitting.

I'd have posted all of this earlier, and in much greater detail, but the good folks at Blogger decided my blog was a 'splog' and nuked it. So after much bitching to get it back online, I'm left with very little energy for actually telling the tales, but fear not: I will. It just might take me a while.