Friday, April 11, 2008

Brief Update

Chemo will now start Monday. Apparently the good doctors have found several markers for AML, but they've also found one confusing marker for ALL. They want to take the weekend to figure out where that marker came from before proceeding.

The next two days should be pretty uneventful for her: no bi-carb, maybe a transfusion or two (hemoglobin has gone back down to 8.3, white blood-cells to 2.4, and platelets at 48).

Call or come by if you can.

Unless something medically interesting happens, there probably won't be any more updates over the weekend.

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Maureen said...

Adrian, I just read Amanda's email. I travel a lot for work and I can easily make it to Richmond if you guys need anything. Amanda has my email address and my cell #.