Thursday, April 10, 2008

Manda's Sick - MCV Day 2

My wife is a smurf. I didn't think to ask why they painted her blue, but blue she is, and covered in painfully sticky saran-wrap-looking tape with a bloody mess of a hickman line.
She was ordered not to eat after midnight (or get wet, or exposed to water) since she was scheduled for catheterization and another bone marrow biopsy today. The hope was that these things would happen early in the morning so that she could eat.
Both occurred after lunch, the catheter some time after 3pm.
I got to the hospital around 4:30 to find her in good spirits and recently fed (Chick-Fil-A, courtesy of my stepmother and SuperWoman, Randy - a cancer survivor and tremendous support). She's online, as some of her beloved readers know, but might be a bit loopy from the percocet.
After Randy left, Amanda was really really ready for a shower. She got in, washed, and nearly collapsed. After squatting for about 2 minutes in the shower from lightheadedness (and refusing to let me get a nurse), sitting in the chair beside the shower for another 3 or 4 minutes (and refusing to let me get a nurse), and finally having me dress her and comb her hair, I was allowed to go get a nurse.
So now we have new terms to add, along with new restrictions. Orthostatic hypotension, a fancy term for a head rush, caused her blood pressure to drop to about 82/42, with a pulse of 60. Crazy Pants was put into a wheel chair for the 10' ride back to the bed (seriously: she couldn't move on her own), and had her recently-granted ambulatory rights revoked.
Instead she gets a fancy pumping machine that wraps around her legs and massages her to prevent Deep Vein Thrombosis. She looks like a Storm Trooper.
To top it all off, she was in pretty serious pain from the surgery and biopsy, hence the percocet.
But, she did get to spend some good romp time with Alastair this evening. He came down and climbed all over her, only reaching for the hickman line a couple of times. Both Mommy and Boy were having a great time before I had to bring him home.

Edit: Forgot to add that an ophthalmologist came by and assessed her vision issues. She found leukemic retinopathy to be the cause of her grayed vision, and described it as being similar to bruising, that it will come and go, and that it's very common (in leukemia patients).


Chris Stanley said...

Thanks for keeping things updated man, it helps us down here in NC. As you know, we've been praying for you guys. I don't know what we can do, but if there is anything please let us know.

MelodyLane said...

I am a Pajiba regular and I have been reading your website to stay updated on Manda.

I know that she is a strong woman and I am sending her every thought, prayer, and wish I have.

My aunt had chemo for bone cancer years ago. One thing about the hair loss to keep in mind is that when her hair comes back, it will likely be a different color and can come back as a different type, such as straight or curly.

Keep hers and your spirits up. She will get though this.

I wish you all the best luck.

Kristen Stone said...

Adrian, you probably don't remember me, but I'm Jerry's wife, Kristen - Jerry is Evelyn's brother-in-law.

All of our prayers are of course with you and Amanda and your families. Stay strong - she'll pull through this.

Anonymous said...

Hi Adrian
Mariah filled me in on Amanda's situation. I've gone to her blog and read what she had to say. She is one strong female. I let her know that I contacted all my prayer chain buds, so the Lutherans, Baptists, Methodists and a few Catholics have you, Allister and Amanda in their prayers. I'll keep an eye on the blog to update my prayer chain friends as we like to change the prayers and focus on what we want to happen right now. I know you have a great support team, but if we can do anything, let me know.


Deb Hubbs