Tuesday, May 26, 2009

2 Months

It's a day late, but I just had too many other things on my mind yesterday.

Yesterday marked two months since Amanda's death. I spent a lot of time thinking about her this past weekend, and Alastair has begun to express sadness that she's gone.

Driving down to the track, I was reminded of our trip to Greensboro, NC for Thanksgiving in 2006. On the way back, we needed to stop to feed Alastair. We pulled off the highway and hunted for a remote parking lot where he could nurse, and found one at a local community college. I walked around the car, keeping an eye out for potential ne'er-do-wells, only to find out that we were the ones causing a stir. I couldn't remember if the security guy actually came and talked to me or not, and I really wanted to ask Amanda. But I can't.

I also found myself really wanting to call her and tell her all about the fun I was having, like I used to do at night.

Even last night, when I finished watching the Tivo'ed Indy 500, I really was excited to tell her that Helio had won (she was a big fan since his DWTS win in 2007), but I had to figure that even in the Great Beyond, that race is still a big deal, so she probably already knew.

I'm still wearing my ring, but I did finally empty her last drawer from the dresser.

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blackbird said...

Thoughts are with you.

That's inadequate...but will have to do.