Monday, June 04, 2007


Wednesday morning, the task list of things that must be accomplished before Saturday night looked insurmountable. We had not ordered mulch, bought balloons for the balloon arch, finished wiring the lights in the back yard, done anything about mosquitoes, or bought any of the necessary food or drinks. There was a big pile of trash in the back yard, the grass needed mowing, and Amanda was planning to be out of town Friday afternoon.

And yet it all came together beautifully. Hats off to Pete Rose, first of all. I called them at about 8:30am on Wednesday and asked when they could deliver 10 cubic yards of mulch. They said, "About 11am". Wait, what? Today?! Awesome! So with that taken care of, I made plans to start working on spreading it that night.

I don't know if you've ever seen 10 cubic yards of mulch, but it's about chest-high and covers an circular area about 15 feet wide. It's a lot. Thank God for wheelbarrows and pitch forks. I managed to get it all spread and evened out on Thursday (took that and Friday off), finished the lighting, and headed to Costco for food & drinks.

Friday afternoon, my mom came over with her F350 dualie and hauled all the trash away, and I got the yard handled. Sweet!

Anyway, prom was a blast. We had 21 guests in various degrees of prom attire (hats off to James and Ben, who actually wore tuxedos!). The music was horrible, but in a good, cheezy prom kind of way; the food was tasty, and the company was fabulous. No neighbors complained, and the case of Yeungling was utterly destroyed.

Apparently Daniel is screwing his wife's husband, but that's neither here nor there.


Thanks to all who came out, and to those who didn't, we're sorry we missed you! Oh, and congratulations to the Prom King and Queen: Jeff and Evelyn Cronin!

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