Thursday, June 21, 2007

Goings on

Let's see...I've been a bad blogger lately, so here's the short list.

Racing: the Miata now has a full roll cage and is technically legal for Spec Miata, but is back in the shop this week getting some problems hammered out (I got burned in the car when antifreeze dumped on my leg, then Daniel gashed his leg on an exposed sharp ledge trying to get out of the car, and then I ran out of gas because the fuel gauge doesn't work...).
Work: Still very busy, but I've had a moment to catch my breath this week. That's nice. In about 2 weeks, I'm heading down to North Carolina for a SAN training class. It's my first formal education since starting this job in September 2001, and I'm excited. I'm not too happy about leaving my family, though...
Boy: Awesome. He's so much fun, and he's starting to move to a 1-nap-a-day schedule, which makes life so much easier.
Health: I started feeling itchy last week, and finally broke down and saw a doctor on Tuesday. I have scabies. How freakin' weird is that? I haven't visited Turkey recently, spent time in any nursing homes or daycares, or fooled around with any transvestite hookers. So where the hell did that come from? Turns out to be fairly common in all socio-economic groups, but the only things I've done differently lately include gardening and a change in soap. Perhaps it was some nasty f***er at work who lingered on the toilet a bit too long right before nature called me. Anyway, I've been treated, and hopefully I'll be itch-free in time for my impending business trip. And no, it's not leprosy.
Wife: I love my wife! That's not really news, though.
Politics: This morning I heard an ad for Wintergreen, a popular ski resort in the area. They're trying to get some Summer business, and their pitch is that since they're in the mountains and it's therefore cooler, you can go there and "experience Summer the way it used to be". WTF?! I've never read that Summers had average highs in the mid 70's in this area. I was mortified that global warming is so accepted that its being worked into our advertising.
Driveway: It's a thing of beauty, and I'm hosting a MINI tech day in late July to celebrate the joy that is my new driveway.

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