Friday, June 29, 2007

I'm feeling much better. I think I might like to go for a walk.

Ok, 4 days off the drugs, and I feel pretty good. It turned out the itching was caused by the infection still thriving in my left hand, so I re-medicated, wore a very sexy cotton glove with little yellow and blue flowers to bed, and life has been much better.

Last night Crossroads Coffee & Ice Cream celebrated the grand opening of their second location. Alastair and I went down to enjoy some coffee and live music, and right after we walked in the door, an intense summer storm blew through. We got a great, free light show.

Anyway, life is good, the 4th is coming up (heading down to Irvington on Tuesday and coming back Thursday), then I'm off to training in North Carolina for a week, and then 2 weeks later, it's vacation time! July is gonna be fun.

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