Friday, June 08, 2007


Having the mulch folks come last week was great, but it left a huge mess in the gravel driveway, one that I couldn't easily remove. What to do?

Duh: a new concrete driveway!

Actually, we've wanted to pave the driveway for years. The constant weeding, sloughing, and bottoming-out of the MINI (and sometimes the Miata, too) was getting very tiresome, and it generally took almost 2 gallons of RoundUp to clean the whole space. The driveway is huge.

So a month or so ago, when I placed the call to ServiceMasters looking for an electrician, I mentioned my driveway desires. The dude who called back was initially very high-priced, but then called back last week to offer a $1300 discount. Um, yeah... sold.

The dude came on Monday or Tuesday to show us what they'd do, and offered to dig trenches under the driveway to run gutter pipes out to the edge of the property. I jumped at that chance, too (no run-off over the driveway for me!), and the fellows got to work on Wednesday.

Yesterday they poured the concrete, and they were still working last night at 9:30pm. Today they came back, cut expansion joints, and issued the edict that we were not to park on it for 5 days, and that it must be watered twice a day for that period to keep it from curing too quickly.

But hot damn, we got ourselves a great looking driveway!

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Anonymous said...

Excellent! We'll have to replace ours at some point (the 1979 asphalt job we have is long past the point of a little sealant).

If you're happy with the work, I'll keep them in mind.