Monday, March 14, 2005

Opus is back!

The Richmond Times Dispatch has done the most wonderful thing: they've revamped the comics page to bring back that wonderful water-fowl Opus. Ah, the memories. I'll miss Binkley, Milo, Steve, HodgePodge, Bill, and Portnoy, but at least he's back. I think Bill & Opus could have won the White House in '88.
So I got the new control arms installed on Saturday. Very pleased, but I imagine they'll need some tweeking, as they've got a lot of negative camber dialed in right now, and I want these tires to last the Summer.

On a (strangely) more exciting note, though: we got Chris's front sway bar installed in 90 minutes! That's less than half the time it took to do mine. I'm sure it had something to do with Chris being the one under the car with the air wrench, but the whole job felt really smooth and natural, almost like a pit crew - but without the stress. I labeled a piece of cardboard with all of the bolts that would need to be removed, then popped off the end-links and upper sub-frame bolts while Chris removed the other sub-frame bolts. Then, after he loosened one of the monster 122ft/lb bolts, we switched places and I got to break the others free. I was really curious to see if I could apply that much force while lying on my back. What a rush. It felt like it was only a few minutes later that we were putting the wheels back on and lowering the car. Slick, smooth, and relatively easy. I want to do more.

I'm getting really comfortable with the under-carriage of these cars. I could probably swing front and rear sway-bars, lower control arms, and maybe even springs on my own at this point. I've started to memorize the bolt locations, torque settings, and other bits that make the work easier. Now we have to do a couple of brake-sets and I'll be quite comfortable under the car.

I still don't know crap about the engine-bay, but there's plenty of time.
We didn't meet Owen this weekend. Very sad. We're getting a pit bull, and were supposed to go and meet him on Sunday, but the folks who are fostering him were out of town until Sunday morning, and we didn't feel like taking a 4-hour drive out to meet him, then turn right around and come home.

More about Owen: he's 1 year old, currently un-neutered (that's gonna change), and has a serious hip injury. VA Tech is going to fix his hip for free, although we will still pay all ancillary fees for his recovery. It's believed that he was a bait-dog for fighting dogs, due to some scratches on his sides. It's also believed that he was probably hit by a car, and then abandoned by his owners. The foster parents met him one day in their back yard, playing with their 2 year-old daughter. He's extremely sweet, super-cute, and needs to be trained.

I can't wait to meet him; I'm really excited!

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Manda said...

Opus rocks! Get Fuzzy rocks too. In fact, I like all the new comics. Nice to see some fresh blood. I just wish they'd get rid of some of the real old clunkers.

I was sad too about not getting to see Owen. I want him to know who his mommmy and daddy are going to be.