Tuesday, March 01, 2005

MINI Goodness

So the SSR's are all cleaned-up and on the car.  Not waxed, but at least the hideous red "SSR" stickers are gone.

The sway bars have both been replaced, but we'll see if I need to trade up to the 27mm rear bar.

The control arms are (supposedly) on the way.

Springs are next.


The meet & greet was a blast last night (thanks to all who came out in the foul weather!).  I really enjoy talking to other enthusiasts, but it's really time to start focusing on having fun behind the wheel, then finishing up with a beer.  Where is RiverCityMinis going?  What are we doing?  We're getting some great mods done to our cars, but not really doing anything collectively with the cars.

Richard and Doug and I will put our MINI's to use this weekend in the "Beware the Rides of March" rally.  Dad and several others will participate in April's AutoCross school.  And there's always the occasional (micro-)group run down Riverside Dr.  But let's hit the wineries.  Let's all take Rte 5 to W'burg.  Let's have our own rally.  Let's figure out a way to get more local MINI's together for a group run to anywhere.  Nowhere.  Both, even.  Let's frickin' motor.


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Manda said...

You know I'll motor with you any day!