Tuesday, March 08, 2005

ahamos was a race car driver; he'd say "El Solo #1"!

I don't have a Bocephus sticker or a 442, but we did light 'em up, and it was fun.

Wow. Road rally-driving is some intense shit. 6 pages of instructions, 67 individually numbered instructions, ~75 miles of wild driving, and one navigator who managed to not barf in the car.

Sign me up to do it again! In fact, I already have signed up to do it again. The second rally of the season is April 17th, and this time it's in Richmond.

I don't think I've ever driven like we did on Saturday: slamming the accelerator, keeping a constant eye on the "Average Speed" function of the on-board computer, and then jabbing the brakes to maintain that average speed. We took some wild turns at speed, almost became air-borne at a railroad crossing, and drifted through a couple of corners. The stock brakes were shot by 2/3 through the race, and will have to be replaced before the next one.

I know we didn't come in dead-last. Richard and Doug both missed the first check-point, and the Suzuki Aerio (#12) did a U-turn when they encountered a mistake on the NRI's. We passed a Subaru WRX (#11) that missed a hard left turn, but they crept for a minute and probably simply bought time to make up for it.

Next time, we'll have a better idea of what math is required, and maybe we'll even have two stopwatches: one for keeping track of official rally time, and one for monitoring the time on each instruction.

We'll also keep a second copy of the official score-card so that we can tell how well we did. Right now, we have no idea who won or how we placed.


We won our class! 6th place over-all, and the winner was a MINI, too! Woohoo!!

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Manda said...

My baby's a winner! Yeah! Should I shower you with champagne?