Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Why does everything in life require a title or a subject?

So the weather was great for yesterday's excursion. A tiny bit chilly, at times, but generally great. And the company, well that was just awesome.

We got off to a good start yesterday by hitting Riverside Drive at break-neck speeds. That road is just so much fun. Amanda was really clinging to the inside of the car, and the back-end only broke loose once. I think I took some of the turns faster than with Dad & Chris, but I'm not sure. One thing's for sure, though: the rear-end needs some serious camber adjustment if I'm going to keep whipping around curves like that.


So we went to our friends's coffeeshop (Crossroads on Forest Hill) for some fabulous coffee, and to give Olivia her goodies that we picked up for her in New Orleans (in November - we could never seem to remember to take the stuff to her).

Then we headed down Rte 5 to the 'Burg, tooled around CW for a bit, and met Shana for lunch at the Cheese Shop. I love the Cheese Shop. I think I've probably had lunch there almost every time we've gone down, but we stood waiting for our food for 40+ minutes. We absorbed Shana's entire lunch break just waiting for our food. Phone-ins from now on...

Next came shopping. Women be shopping! Well, when outlets are involved, Adrian be shopping, too. Egads I love the outlets in W'burg! First I cleaned up at Guess, then Van Heusen (3 shirts and a pair of pants for under $75), then Wilson's, where I got a new leather jacket for less than $40. Damn I love the outlets. We even found a new fixture for the downstairs bathroom for $10.

Finally, because all great days must draw to a close, we went back to one of our favorite college haunts. La Tolteca. You know, sometimes you remember something fondly because you enjoyed it at the time, but when you go back and try it again, it's awful. I'm always afraid of doing that, but the 'Tec doesn't disappoint. I don't think there's a Mexican restaurant in Richmond that can touch the variety of options or quality of food that La Tolteca has. That place just plain rocks!

More twisty drivin' up Rte 5 to 295 north, and home we came.

What a great day. I love to spend time with my wife. She's such an inspiration to me.

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Manda said...

I had a wonderful day with you too! The 'Tec rules. You rule. Love you oodles.