Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Dirty Forehead Day!

So today's Dirty Forehead Day. Terribly offensive, I know, but in college I had no idea what this was all about. I think I'd gotten through about 3 years before I started to realize that this was an annual event. Ah, the sheltered life you can lead simply by staying in one city your whole life...

Obviously, by that confession, I'm not Catholic. Not being Catholic, however, doesn't mean I don't enjoy some of their traditions, nor the traditions of other denominations. Amanda made pancakes last night for "Shrove Tuesday", the Episcopal version of Mardi Gras. The MINI wore her mask yesterday in commemoration of Mardi Gras, and, de rigueur, I had a beer and thought nostalgically of New Orleans. Man I gotta go back.

So the MINI's getting her new wheels spiffed up today. I think I'll be a total geek and photo-document the whole thing. I just can't decide what color to have them painted. Silver? Anthracite? Not a huge number of choices, but an important choice, just the same. I mean, would you consider wearing black shoes with a brown belt? Or even with a brown shirt and khakis? (Actually, I work with some folks who do...) These wheels are her new shoes, and they have to respect the tastefulness of the rest of the car. I like the original anthracite of the SSR's, but I just don't know if that's too "sporty" for my car. Yeah, she wants sporty, but in a very subtle manner.

I'm very excited: I get to start a new drug today (or whenever I actually get to the pharmacy). I ran out of VIOXX (death to you "consumer-protection" advocates who laud its removal from the market!), and now I get to start something called "Daypro". Why don't pain-killers have fun names like "Happydan" or "Fukitol"? Why is that reserved for heart-burn and allergy medication? Dammit, I'm taking drugs to deal with chronic pain, I expect a fun and infinitely marketable name! Bring me my Gigglenol or Cuddleen. "Ask your doctor about Exuberan!"

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Manda said...

So you finally got your script, huh? Target run! Don't go without me.

Have you talked over wheel color with Mini? Maybe she has an opinion. All women do when it comes to shoes.