Wednesday, February 02, 2005

MINI bits, part 1

So I finally got the MTH software installed in my Chili Red/White 2004 MINI Cooper. Instant power boost at 4000 RPM, and smoother running at speed. It'll be a while before I can judge the changes to the fuel economy (of course, gunning the motor at 4000 RPM isn't helping).

Next up: clean up the SSR's (16x7 11lb semi-solid forged wheels - yummy) and get the AvonTech M-500's (215/50WR16).

The goal is to have these on the car by March 5, in time for the Time/Speed/Distance rally in Windsor, VA. Other modifications to do to the car before the rally:
1. Remove back seats (-56lb for seats and seat-backs).
2. Remove spare tire and toolkit (probably another 50lb or more).
3. Try try try to get a new rear anti-sway bar.

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