Sunday, April 26, 2009

Well, that was unexpected

Today was the best! Or to borrow from Chad: Best. Day. Ever.

Whodathunk? It was expected to be melancholy, being exactly one month since Amanda died, but somehow I think we actually lived up to her very best expectations.

The day started with Mr. Grumpystripes not wanting to eat breakfast--pretty typical. But then we went outside and he helped me wash the MINI and the Miata. He'd break for periodic interludes of playing...his new guitar!

I went to Target yesterday after spying on him with the nanny-cam (where he was rocking some serious air guitar) and got a "fancy" $20 guitar that plays 5 pop songs when he strums and pushes the buttons. It's freakin' awesome. And since I know the words to the songs it plays, he pretends we're a band.

So that consumed about 2 hours of our morning, after which we had our free trial class at The Little Gym. Again: totally k-rad. The play is semi-structured, with kids somewhat free to run around and act berzerk during warm-up, and then being shuffled very freely between different activity areas in a big padded room. Moms & dads are invited to watch, but not to participate. And that is the very best part. It doesn't matter if he's being disruptive: not my problem.

So yeah, we signed up for the class.

And then, after nap, we went and rocked out at his friend Kaden's house for way longer than the 30 minutes we'd planned. I think we left there just shy of the 2-hour mark, and beat a hasty path to "Grammy & Pappy's" house, where he's spending the night.

Kid had a great day, and was well worn out when I dropped him off. And when Alastair has a great day, it just warms the soul. Can't be sad with a kid that happy.

I miss you, Amanda.


JamieSmitten said...

Sounds like a most excellent day!!

Ev said...

I'm glad you liked The Little Gym. It will make for a good recommendation in a few years. I'm glad you two had a good day. You deserved it.