Friday, April 17, 2009

Doin' Manda Proud

We used to play a game in the Amos house. It was never really codified, and the scoring system never worked out, but we use to watch TV, movies, whatever other media and try to recognize the background actors from their other gigs. Sometimes new shows would actually star the background or supporting actors from prior shows, and it was always entertaining to hear Amanda just rattle off entire film careers.

A few years ago, I started to get pretty good at the game, and Amanda was always impressed at my ability to recognize 80's TV "stars" in their modern roles.

So last night, I'm getting ready to turn off the TV when I catch all of 5 minutes of Southland. I instantly recognized the girl from "227"*, the dude from "That Thing You Do", and Bull from "Band of Brothers". Yay for me!

*This is not the first time I'd recognized Regina King. The first time (in "Ray") 'bout knocked Amanda's socks off, principally because I confessed to being a regular watcher "227".


Susan said...

I loved 227- and the Cosby's- hmmm?
Good job on the actors. As for Southland- did you mention the guy that used to be on the OC?

ahamos said...

Never watched the OC. Neither did Amanda, but I'm guessing she could have instantly pointed him out, because she was like that.

Ev said...

Regina King was also in Jerry McGuire. I don't remember her on 227. I'll have to look that up on IMDB to see a picture.

I used to call Manda about that stuff. If I asked about someone I didn't know on a show she didn't watch, she'd usually catch the show for 5 seconds one time and call me back to reveal the identity of that person. She was my personal IMDB. It always amazed me too.

I almost called her the other day to ask her an Ella-question. I was suddenly extremely sad. I'm praying for you. She'd be very proud of you for many reasons!

JamieSmitten said...

I LOVE the It's THAT Guy! game. It makes me feel that my many, many hours of crap tv were worth something.

Stella said...

Ha! I do that ALL the time. Drives Mr Stella up a wall, I tell you.

I don't think he finds it nearly as amusing as I do. But I'm glad to see there are others out there that appreciate a fine game of "Guess Who?"!