Friday, April 03, 2009


Alastair: Hey, look! A statue!

Me: Yeah, buddy. That's Arthur Ashe. He was a famous tennis player.

Alastair: Did he die?

Me: Yes, a long time ago.

Alastair: Does he live in Heaven?

Me: Yes he does.

Alastair: Like Mommy lives in Heaven.

Me: *sniff* Yep.


zebert82 said...

That seems like it was an overwhelming moment. Amanda was one of my favorite patients that I wish I never had. If that makes any sense. I sorry to hear that she passed, but she certainly went fighting and that is truly admirable. I plan on keeping up with your blog. I think letters to Amanda are an amazing thing. As for a spot you can go to, it may not be marked, but I'm sure there are places the 2 of you had some great memories and that can be where you go. Or you can find somewhere new that you know she would've liked.
If there's anything you can find me on CCH2 (and I really mean that). -Melissa

Megan said...

ouchI wish with all my heart that Amanda's story had a different ending. I hurt for you and your son. You remain in our prayers.

blackbird said...

Just so you know...last night, somewhere up in Canada, two women toasted to your wife, her life and what she gave to strangers.

Anonymous said...

Just another anonymous internet person. I never spoke to Amanda but often lurked Pajiba and her blog. She was so smart and funny, and even through all of her pain left people with a smile on their face. What an unbelievable and unfortunate loss. I am sorry for you and your son, I can't imagine the devastation of losing someone so special. Keep your head up..

Tiger said...

this is heart breaking,