Tuesday, July 10, 2007


So far, the class has been pretty interesting. Including me, there are 3 students, so we're moving through the course-material faster than the trainer is accustomed to.

Dining alone is weird. There's no point to buying groceries for cooking, as few things scale down to the appetite of one, but going out for every meal is depressing (nothing worse than eating alone at a restaurant). Tonight I tried to obviate the issue by going downstairs and having tacos and wine at the hotel's happy hour (it's free!!), but that ends so early that I was starving by 9pm. So out I went.

Last night I walked over to the closest sit-down restaurant and listened to the guy next to me complain on his cell phone for over an hour about his housekeeper. Apparently he pays her $20/hour and isn't satisfied. She marks his walls and his coffee table with the vacuum; she doesn't clean ceilings; there's dust on top of the refrigerator and along the base-boards; she doesn't clean his mother-in-law suite above the garage. His wife's name is Darnece (sp?), I think the housekeeper's name was Avalene (the accent is a bit tough down here, so it could have been Evelyn or Abilene), and he's Eddie. Now, Eddie is rich, but not as rich as Terry, who also employs Avalene, but Terry's more laid-back. Eddie is a huge pain in the ass. And I'm not sure, but I think Eddie might not realize that he's gay. That's just my take.

And evidently Eddie spends so much time at this restaurant that he has never-ending wine service. Eddie needs a life.

But the class, so far, has been pretty cool. It's already given me some ideas on what we might implement in the future, and shown me that our current SAN configuration is horribly out-dated.

And I miss my family terribly!

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