Monday, July 23, 2007

All I wanted was a cup of coffee

10:00am - Decided to leave at 10:30 for a bag of Costa Rica Terrazu at Ukrop's
10:30am - Left for Ukrop's
10:40am - Arrived at Ukrop's
10:43am - Resigned to fact that they don't have Costa Rica Terrazu; pick Colombia instead
10:47am - Return to car; she won't start!
10:50am - Call Terry Robertson at work for a jump
11:15am - Jason Looney arrives to give me a jump
11:30am - Resigned to fact that a jump won't work (battery is very very dead)
11:40am - Buy the wrong battery at Advance Auto Parts (they don't have the right one)
11:50am - Perform jury installation, car starts!
11:56am - Big traffic jam
12:15pm - Return to desk, hot, tired, $90 poorer, with a battery that doesn't really fit and coffee that I really don't want any more.

Such is life. And 2 days after a very successful RCM tech day, too. Grr.

But, Alastair had his 18-month checkup this morning, and he weighs 28.8 lbs and is 33" tall. Chunky Monkey.

We're in the final few days before heading down to Nag's Head for a week! Yippee!

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