Monday, July 23, 2007

18-Month Vocabulary List

At 18 months, a baby should have a vocabulary of 10 to 20 words. The words don't have to be perfect, but they have to be consistent. Here's a list of what Alastair has so far:

1. Daddy
2. Mama
3. Kitty (pronounced "keey", sometimes "keeeddy")
4. Doggy (but generally we go for "bow whoa")
5. Eye
6. Ear ("eeee")
7. Belly ("beh")
8. Balloon ("boon")
9. Poot (the pride of parents everywhere!)
10. When asked what one does on the potty, we get "poopoo" or "peepee"
11. Hot ("ha")
12. Cool ("coo")
13. Boo!
14. Bath ("ba")
15. Ball ("baah")
16. Ice cream ("eye key")
17. Microwave (yeah, this was a shocker that he dropped on me tonight: "microgoo")
18. Pappy
19. Grammy ("guhgy")
20. Big truck ("big uh")
21. Big Bird ("big eee")
22. Apple ("apu")
23. Strawberry ("gwogoo" thus named because his beloved cereal bars feature an outline picture of Grover, who's also known as "gwogoo")
24. Toe
25. Chin ("chee")
26. Hair ("heh")
27. Knee
28. Shoe
29. Down ("duh")
30. Eat
31. Up ("uh")
32. Boat ("buh")
33. Guitar ("g'tar" or "itar")
34. Helicopter ("hacku")
35. Basketball ("back eh")
36. Coffee ("coh")
37. Pie
38. Pea
39. Bean
40. Broccoli ("bah key")
41. Juice ("joo")
42. Fish ("sh" or "shee")
43. Go
44. Bye bye
45. Hi
46. Cracker ("kaka")
47. Dirt ("deeeeeee!!!!!!!!")
48. Boom
49. Uh oh (daddy's first word!)
50. Bed ("beh")
51. Pants / pajamas ("peh")
52. Hug ("huh")
53. Chair ("share")
54. Yellow ("wewoh")
55. Blue ("boo")
56. Green ("gee")
57. Cookie ("key")
58. Teeth ("teeh")

Though he can say a form of all numbers from 1 - 10, he tends to count in his own base-8 scale:

One ("uh")
Five ("hi ee")
Six ("hii")
Seven ("weweh")
Eight ("eee")
Ten ("teh")

Animals by their sounds:
Sheep ("baa")
Cow ("mboo")
Wolf ("aooooooooo")
Kitty ("mbaaoooo")
Bear / Lion / Dinosaur (this one evolved from "raaar" to "aaaaieeee")
Mad Man ("aie aie aie")
Rooster ("cuck oo")
Chicken ("cuh")
Goose ("hah hah" <-There's a house in our neighborhood with geese, and he starts saying this about a block away) Monkey (curious heavy breathing sound with pooched lips. Yeah, don't ask...) Bird ("tee tee") Objects that make familiar noises:
Car ("thppt")
Boat ("too too")
Train ("shoo shoo")
Horn ("beep! beep!")

Plus, we know all of our Sesame Street Friends.

I didn't set out to brag with this list, but when Amanda and I really thought about it, we were astounded by how many things he's actively communicating vocally.


Anonymous said...

How WIDE is this LIST,
in DATA terms, N = 609
children ? Sample size,
Is there any DATA with
respect to time like,
20,21,22,23,24 months ?
On samples of N = 31 or
Harold P Boushell CTO

ahamos said...

No clue at all. I got the "averages" information from an external source over 4 years ago. I should have cited it then, but there's no way I'd be able to track the source down at this remove.