Sunday, February 04, 2007

Stuck at work...Again!

I understand there's some big football game going on right now.

No matter, because I'm at work, recreating an effort that went down in flames last week, and looks destined to do the same thing tonight. The difference? I'm ready for failure tonight.

I'm ready to sit here, at my desk, until 3 or 4am if necessary. I'm ready to forgo a night's sleep and come strolling leisurely in here tomorrow around noon.

Why so chipper? I got a lot done this weekend on Project Miata, I got to spend some quality time with my boy, and I just ate a food brick. All of the above and a knowledge that February's going to kick ass with overtime add up to one relatively happy Adrian. And a happy Adrian is a productive Adrian.

I got to see some really quality chaos in Wife's family on Saturday. Her parents kept Alastair during the day so that I could get my wrenching done, and they were expecting company in the form of my father-in-law's half sister and her son. They invited themselves. Or rather, she invited herself and dragged her pre-teen son along. He's kind of spoiled. Kind of a lot. And she's overly permissive, where her half-brother is not.

So there was some butting of heads. But the good drama came when she announced the loss of her ATM card, decided to call it in, and then realized she'd "lost" her phone, too. She evidently brought no other money, no checks, no credit cards. Nothing.

The kid apparently grew more and more tedious, the mother more frenetic, and my father-in-law, shortly after we arrived to pick up BabyMan, suggested they might want to leave. Awkward moment, anyone? Whoa, nelly! Whoa, Camel!

So they quickly grabbed their stuff and began the drive back to VA Beach. No dinner, no parting gifts, but a veritable treasure-trove of leftover things that she forgot in her haste.

Yeesh. Thankfully, today had a much lower drama-factor, with a short visit to my dad's house and a few hours of good old-fashioned baby pandemonium.

And coffee. Lots of coffee.

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Anonymous said...

I miss you!! I love you!! Please be safe coming home tonight. BeeBoo was a real doll at bedtime and laid right down with no fuss. He even gave me lots of bedtime kisses. I ate a huge egg white omlet and salad. Despite the cold I also indulged in a skinny cow. Yum.