Monday, February 26, 2007

Little Motor Man

Last night, Alastair toddled around the kitchen for about 20 minutes while we ate our dinner. I think he sat down once. That kid is having so much fun with his new-found ability to walk.

Saturday we went to Joseph Stanley's 3rd birthday party. Alastair got to see little boys playing, and he got really excited and tried to join the fun. Joseph was super sweet and gave him a kiss on the cheek, and they posed for some pictures. He wasn't as successful walking on the floor at church, though, so he needed a lot of help getting around (he's not accustomed to wearing rubber-soled shoes).

But the highlight of his day was walking on the gravel in Mr. Kimmelshue's alley. He just teetered around like a wild man for the 15 minutes we were there, and crashed like a champ as soon as we got home.

Sadly, this was my weekend to not see much of Little Man. I spent a huge amount of time outside working on the Miata, and there's a lot left to do before the first autocross (March 18). I'm trying to keep my time on the car to a minimum, but I think Mr. Gohlke (my co-driver) is going to come over this Saturday and help bang out a bunch of work.

Should be fun, and I can't wait to get back to spending weekend-time with Amanda and Alastair.

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