Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Beeboo's Bad Mood

Evidently I pissed Alastair off pretty good yesterday. We were playing downstairs when I decided to have a piece of candy. He loves to play with the wrappers, and will take trash to the trash can now if you ask him. So I gave him the wrapper and asked him to throw it away. He did! Great!

So I had another piece of candy, but this one had a different type of wrapper. He was so fascinated with it that he reached into the candy dish and started pulling out more. When I took the piece of candy from him, he got really mad. While he was fussing at me, though, Amanda removed the candy dish from the table. Behind his back. When he turned around and discovered it was missing, he freaked out at me. He was unconsolable by me and only wanted his mommy. Dammit, I was framed!

Hours later, when they came back from choir practice, he was still pissed at me. Well, I suppose the upshot is that he most likely doesn't have ADD if he could remember something so trivial and still be upset about it.

That boy is so kooky!

We're getting our new sofa delivered Friday. Yippee! And I'm calling to get our cable cut down to Basic Cable this week, thus reducing our monthly expenditure for TV by $40. We've been paying over $600/year for the privilege of having a clear signal on the 4 major networks. That's dumb.

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