Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Fun Weekend

Amanda and I had a great weekend. Nothing spectacular happened, but it was great, just the same.

Saturday night was the church Valentine's banquet. Amanda's mother came over to baby-sit, and off we went. We sat with Chris & Stephanie Stanley, old friends we don't see often enough, and really had a good time (except for the exceptionally long sermon/discourse/ramblings of the youth minister--not bad, just way too long). Chris even offered that he might be willing to buy that monitor.

Sunday was fun, too. After MonkeyMan's nap, we went to Jeff & Evelyn's house so he could see their menagerie: 4 male cats and a very silly dog. The cats showed absolutely no fear at first, getting close enough to sniff his face. Then, when we sat on the sofa, Maggie (the dog) started licking his fingers and generally acting silly. Alastair was in hog heaven, and after about 30 minutes of stomping around their kitchen and chasing the cats, he was pooped.

We took him to his grandparents' house to spend the night and embarked on our big date: Chipotle and Borders Books & Music. This was actually a recreation of our very first post-baby date (thanks for reminding me, Amanda), and we finished it off with some tasty hot cocoa from Starbuck's, a really bad movie (Bubba Ho-Tep), and brain-frying TV until 1am. Good times.

Then, decadence upon decadence, we slept in until 9:40am. Ed & Leigh were to keep Alastair through his morning nap, so we didn't even know what to do with our morning! We had lots of coffee and just sort of blundered through until it was time to pick him up.

And when we did, I was like a kid with a new toy. I didn't realize how stronly I had missed him, but having him out of the house was like having a little piece of me gone. Oh how we hugged, and we had a great time playing and cuddling.

We finished the day by selling his swing, getting rid of the cable box (basic cable for us now: $10.75/month for a clear signal on local channels), taking runs, and the wildest baby bath ever. Mr. Splashtastic made a mess of the bathroom, but boy-o-boy did he have a good time.

Now it's Tuesday, and I'm back at work, but I can't wait to see my wife and my little boy. (And eat pancakes--it is after all Shrove Tuesday!)

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Anonymous said...

Like the new look!

We miss you too! We went for a nice long walk in this balmy weather.