Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Numerology and Me; a Historical Review of the Number 22 in My Life

Amanda brought up an interesting point the other night: that I had registered for next weekend's autocross as number 22 for Alastair (his birthday being January 22). I hadn't even considered that, since 22 was my number in soccer for years. But it got me thinking...

22 - The first 2 digits of my SSN.
22 - The last 2 digits of my student ID in the Richmond Public Schools
22 - My rec' league soccer number
22 - My high school soccer number
22 - The day of my wife's birth in April 1975
22 - The day of my son's birth in January 2006
22 - Amanda and I were this age when we moved in together
22 - The number I've always chosen for any competitive event

Interesting. Probably irrelevant, but interesting nonetheless.

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Tripp Fenderson said...

Oh - it gets even stranger!

This article showed up in my RSS reader at 12:28 (note the double 2s) directly above a post from Sam Parker called 212 golf (there's those confounded 2s again!).

So let's see - that makes 2 posts with number 2s in it!!

Screenshot of the 2 freakiness here: