Friday, July 28, 2006

Because Grant asked...

I installed the Spec Miata suspension last week, with a ton of help from Mr. Chris Kimmelshue, so I'm competing in CSP now.

I did get the car aligned before hitting the track, and here's what I had 'em do:

Caster: ~ +5 degrees left & right
Camber: ~ -2 degrees at all 4 corners
Toe: 0 degrees at all 4 corners
Ride Height: ~ 5.25" (pinch-weld to ground) at all 4 corners

This will probably not be an ideal setup for autocross, but it stuck to the track like glue (except for a couple of times, but that was due to the tires).

The car has not been corner balanced, but that seems like a waste of money, since a lot of stuff still needs to be removed (and other stuff added).

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