Thursday, July 27, 2006

I'm an idiot

So I ordered a "harness bar" for the Miata a couple of weeks ago. The next day, I contacted the manufacturer and asked that they cancel the order; instead, they rushed it right out. Great.

Yesterday, since Wife and Boy were out, I took a shot at installing it. The instructions indicated that I should remove 2 bolts from my roll-bar, remove the spacers beneath them, and replace them with the new harness bar and shorter spacers. Only the new spacers are way too short, and the bar sits so close to the built-in harness bar that it gains me nothing.

Now the kicker is that I had to pry those 2 spacers out, and one of them took an 18" breaker-bar and every bit of my physical strength to remove. And it ain't going back in without disassembling one side of the roll-bar. So, in an attempt to install something I knew I didn't need (and couldn't return), I've created an hour's worth of work that must be performed before I next try to drive the car.



grant(urismo) said...

Have you done any suspendion mods to the miata? I am also curious about your alignment settings. I am trying to get one done before next weekend.

grant(urismo) said...

uhhh...suspension is what i meant.