Monday, July 31, 2006

I feel poopy

Long weekend. Daggone.

Friday afternoon culminated with a Foley/Edwards family dinner at a Mexican restaurant in Hanover Co. I've never been to a Mexican restaurant that didn't take your order with 5 minutes, and yet this place took well over an hour, forgot my drink several times, and was poorly air-conditioned. The food was good, and the company better, but we didn't get home until almost 9pm, and Alastair was not amused at being kept up almost 2 hours past his bed-time.

Amazingly, he slept very well for being so sweaty and tired.

Saturday, we went to the Vegetarian Festival in Bryan Park. It was about 95-degrees the whole time we were there, and we spent about 90 minutes wandering around, eating falafel sandwiches, and sucking down virgin pina coladas. Once again, Alastair was terribly sweaty and not very entertained by the heat. He slept like a champ when we got back, and then we headed off to the Foley/Edwards cook-out.

Again we found ourselves outside in the heat, only this time it was for closer to 4 hours. We got him home about an hour after his bed-time, and again, amazingly, he conked right out. I love that boy.

Sunday, I got up and did a couple of hours worth of yard work, mowing, weeding, and spraying chemicals. I then came in, showered, ate, and headed off to a MINI tech/day cook-out. I spent another couple of hours there installing Christian's sway-bar, and then some additional time standing around talking about cars.

I tried to drink as much water as I could, but I've had a dehydration headache ever since I drank one beer on Friday night. Last night I developed a low-grade fever, which happens to me sometimes after too much time in the heat. I went to bed unable to get comfortable, and still have that headache this morning. Blah.

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