Thursday, January 26, 2006

No Sleep Til Brooklyn

Yeah, last night was rough. Whooee. Alastair got his first bedtime story, and was sleeping soundly on my chest, when I figured he was ready for the bed. Immediately upon placing him there, he let me have it: full-tilt wail for about 3 hours. Wuh. We changed him, we fed him, we rocked him, we even got frustrated with him (not that that ever helps, but hey, it's what we did), and finally we resorted to the tried & true pacifier: instant sleep.

Then today, we got him up for his first trip to the pediatrician, who poked him in the leg with a needle and froze him near to death with a stethoscope, and after that it was off to LabCorp for another bilirubin test (which entailed another dreadful poke with a needle).

It's been a long day. Hopefully he'll be too zonked to freak out tonight.

As an aside (hopefully these entries will be well preserved when he's a teenager), he has thoroughly wet himself several times today. Not being content with merely filling a diaper, he has found a way to pee that completely avoids filling the diaper, but rather soaks his entire back-side. That boy's a mystery. But I love him more than I ever thought possible, so it doesn't bother me to pick him up by a wet onesy.

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