Monday, January 30, 2006

Alastair just peed on me. Actually, he peed on everything within a 3' radius, which happened to include me. Mostly he peed on a baby-wipe, but not before he hit the changing table, his crib, the floor, a box, the rocking chair, and me. With this, I have now passed the essential rite of passage of fatherhood. Oh joy.

Boy logged several hours of sleep last night, too, so we both got a fair amount, ourselves.


I got my fancy aluminum racing pedals in the other day, and promptly installed them. Funny enough, just adding a pedal cover to the brake pedal was one of the most difficult things I've done to the car. Drilling through steel isn't easy when there's no clearance issue, but doing so at an angle, on an object that moves by its very nature, is no walk in the park. The bit squirmed all around, and I had an ugly hole when I was done. The pedal spent 2 days crooked before I went out with the Dremel and tidied it up. Now they are (mostly) straight and look great.

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