Friday, May 13, 2005


Music: radio, so far today
Movies: Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (on deck)
Netflix: "Without a Paddle" and "The Office, Series 2" -- a weekend of mindless humor

It's on, baby! Woohoo!

Off to Asheville on Monday, but first: some wine with friends, all-important Costco run, house-cleaning, and various sundry tasks. Then, no drama until next Saturday.

I can't wait.

Kung Fu Hustle was pretty cool. Very odd mixture of traditional over-the-top kung fu movie, comedy, and CGI, all set in 1930's China.

Next up is Hitchhiker's, and I am really looking forward to finding some time to watch this one. It amazes me that I haven't seen it yet, and I do have a certain fear that by the time I've found time to see it, it will be gone. Such is almost always my luck. Almost. Yesterday was the last day to see Kung Fu Hustle, so we beat the curse this time.

I certainly hope everyone has a splendid F13 and a fabulous week. When next I find myself near a terminal, I should have gained 5 or 10 pounds. Asheville, here we come.

Vacation countdown: It's here, baby, it's here!!!
Anniversary / Star Wars countdown: 6 days

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