Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Music Baton

Chris has passed me the "music baton". Great. Now I actually have to think about that giant steaming pile of CD's that takes up one corner of my den.

Total size of music on my computer: Not entirely sure. It's too much for my iPod, but since tunes are being imported from 2 computers into one store, iTunes is not dynamic enough to update the size of that store. I'd guess there's about 24GB, total.

Last CD Purchased: 3 at once, all disappointing. NIN: With Teeth; Tool: Lateralus; don't even remember what the 3rd was. The last good CD I purchased was Beck: Guero.

Song playing right now: I can't listen to music at work. Nobody respects the earbuds. They just walk up and start talking until you give up and turn off the pod. F***ers. The last song I listened to was something off of Beck's album, though.

5 songs I listen to a lot, or that mean a lot to me: Too much pressure! I can't handle this sort of thing.

I explicitly try not to listen to the same CD twice in a row. I have too much music, and it all gets over-looked if I allow myself to get dragged into one band or one album.

Also, I've stopped learning the names of the songs. It was easy when I had 100 or 200 albums, but when we crossed 350, there was no point to trying. The best I can do now is to remember the band, try to remember the album, and then aurally place the order of the songs. This does not work well with Techno, which has been high on my preference list for some time.

But here's an effort:

Curve: Doppelgaenger - this song, now 14 years old, still chills me to the bone. Toni is a goddess.

Track 4 from The Club Presents: Perfecto - The perfect song for maniacal driving. This is the Riverside Dr. anthem. Paul Oakenfold had a hand in this, I believe.

Anything from Chris Isaak - Early in my relationship with Amanda, we discovered a mutual love for his music. She and I can put the whole collection on, and be happy for hours. Baja Sessions, however, has become synonymous with pleasant drives down Route 5 to Williamsburg.

That, unfortunately, is the very best I can do. Songs get stuck in my head, and I listen to the album. Rarely does one song get stuck in my head long enough to listen to the album repeatedly, and when it does, that virtually ensures that I will no longer like that song.

I feel Sigh...

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