Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Title? I prefer "His Royal Highness", but I'll take whatever

Music: Franz Ferdinand and some very strange Les Claypool stuff
Movies: Kung Fu Hustle tomorrow!
Netflix: Dawn of the Dead

6 days since my last post? That almost seems criminal.

Let's see: vacation starts Friday; Amanda's car has new tires, oil, and serpentine belt; my car goes in for serious work on Monday (CV-joints misbehaving, tranny sometimes refuses to engage 2nd gear, dent to bang out, paint sealant, blah).

Exciting times.

Amanda ran her Race for the Cure on Saturday. I'm really proud of her. It was a 5K race, and it was her first. Her total time was 28:39.5, but that wasn't the point. The point, from her perspective, was that she got out there and did something that she used to find torturous, and did it without stopping or falling down. Somehow, I think the "falling down" concern was actually bigger than the "stopping" concern. She's funny like that.

I finally got results for last month's rally. There had been an error with the official time, and it took several weeks to get it all sorted, but I officially won my class, came in 3rd over-all, and turned in a score of 205! That's just 2.05 minutes off for 100 miles of driving. On one leg, we got an 8. An 8! Unreal. And all without anything other than the car's on-board computer and a stopwatch.

I can't wait for June's night-time rally! Chris is on-board to do it again, as Jeff will be out of town.

Vacation countdown: 2 days
Anniversary / Starwars countdown: 8 days

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