Friday, September 05, 2008

Ask me about my birthday

Well, I got to see Amanda, though she was in the hospital. I stayed home from work that day and played with Alastair, had cake with him and Amanda, and got to go go-kart racing that night.*

I brought Amanda home from the hospital Saturday night and had a relaxing(ish) day with her Sunday. I bought myself a truck-box and mounted it (woohoo!).

Then our black cat Lucy got pink-eye (not from Scott Baio) and Alastair threw up twice at dinner. He's now getting over a cold, and has passed it on to me.

Giftage for Birthday '08 (#33, if you're counting):
  • Chocolate Cake†
  • Cheesecake*
  • Batman Begins†
  • Target gift card‡
  • Best Buy gift card†
I'm really not grousing: Amanda is still with me and moving rapidly toward her transplant. Alastair is getting better, and Lucy (after seeing the vet on Wednesday morning) is getting better, too. All-in-all it's what any adult should actually hope for on his/her birthday: (relative) health and necessities.

And I made a big space in the shed from all the stuff I was able to put into the truck-box.

†Thanks, Leigh!
‡Thanks, Peggy!
*Thanks, Randy!

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grant(urismo) said...

well, happy birthday!