Friday, November 09, 2007

Reunion Workin' Churchin' Chili-n & Thanksgivin

A couple of weeks ago, Amanda and I went to our 10-year W&M reunion. It was weird. We hadn't really planned on doing much of the organized stuff, but we wound up dropping $100 for the Alumni Association party at the W'burg Lodge. We had fun with Shana, Chad, Synta, and her boyfriend, but most of our friends aren't reunion-goers, so it left something to be desired.

Plus, with my back medication failing me, I wasn't feeling too great. An open bar, a few conversations with some old acquaintances, and a bit of nostalgia are what I'll take away from the experience. We'll do it again at 20 years, but probably not at 15.


Work's been unrelenting lately. Apparently last week everybody decided that I'm the resident guru with every system we run, and who better to ask all your questions than the guru?

This on top of a major system failure that plagued us through the week and ongoing issues deploying new equipment frayed my already thin nerves, and I lost it this week at a coworker over something minor.


Amanda and Alastair and I have been to church almost every night this week. She and the boy started on Tuesday night with choir practice (I stayed home and changed wheels & tires on my cars), but Wednesday night was the Chili cook-off (where I had one bite of the worst chili in the history of Man), last night she was setting up for a craft-show, and this afternoon she'll be selling her button-jewelry from 5 - 8pm.

I doubt we'll go tomorrow.


Yeah, really: the worst chili. Ever. Amanda's was great (duh!), and so was Danny's (at least I think it was Danny's), but the stuff in the last crock-pot smelled like turpentine. I was still hungry, and I felt that I had an obligation to try it, since it was after all a cook-off, but even though I put in a huge dollop of sour cream and probably 1/4 cup of cheese, the smell and taste of cleaning-products could not be overcome.

One bite: into the trash.

Nasty nasty nasty.


Amanda and I have given up on the Greensboro family tradition, which has been in utter disarray since the death of my great-grandmother, and we're going to make our own damned turkey.

Ed & Leigh will join us, and we'll probably spend some time in the afternoon watching football or some other mind-numbing sport, and with any luck I'll pass out in the big leather chair.

It's gonna be perfect, and though I would love the Greensboro tradition to carry on (with us involved), I think we're gonna stick with this for a while.


Steph said...

So is the "Nasty" chili the one that won the cook-off?

ahamos said...

I have no idea which one won. I was wrangling the Monkey when the winner was announced.

But the voting system was totally corrupt: it was based on money, not the number of votes.