Thursday, November 01, 2007

Hives. Wait; what?!?

Alastair has hives. He and I were out playing in the yard this morning, and when we came in for a diaper, I noticed a rash on his cute little legs. Then I found the rash on his feet, his tummy, his back, and his arm.

By the time we went downstairs for lunch (5 minutes later), his hands were breaking out. By the end of lunch, his right foot was covered in rash.

We called the doctor and scheduled a 1:30 sick-child visit, and 20 minutes later all of the rashes were gone.

5 minutes after that, he had a new rash on one arm.

Amanda kept the appointment, and said that she got to watch rashes form and disappear before her eyes.

Poor little guy, and this after a fabulous night as Big Bird!

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