Saturday, November 10, 2007

Jamiesmitten: Criminal?

Today we went to the toy store. Alastair's been playing with PlayMobil 1-2-3 cars for a few months now, and over the last few days, he's taken to have the men play soccer, fall down, get hurt, and give each other hugs.

Seeing as how he only had 3 of the little men, he obviously couldn't have a fair soccer game. So I figured he needed another one, and since his obsession de la semaine is emergency services, I thought we'd keep the options to fire truck, police car, or ambulance (the obvious preference since the men fall down and get hurt a lot). Well, there's no ambulance, and the police car was cheaper than the fire truck.

So when we were playing with the police man this evening, he was putting the man on top of his stacker and knocking him off. I told him that he might hurt the police man, and that the police man might put him in jail. His response?

"Jail? Jail see Jamie?"

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JamieSmitten said...

Oh no he di-in't! You weren't supposed to tell him any stories about Aunt Jamie until he was in high school!!