Friday, August 10, 2007

Tonsillitis Sucks

Wednesday evening I started to feel light-headed right after dinner. Shortly thereafter, my eyelids got warm, which is always my first indication of a fever.

Thursday I took off work, and it was a wild roller-coaster of a day, going from freezing in my bathrobe under sheet, blanket, and comforter, to burning up in nothing but underwear. At one point, I went and sat on the front steps to warm up (it was about 102F out there, actually a little cooler than I was). I slept, I ached, I began to feel pain in my throat, and the most exciting symptom of all set in: reduced perception of light. It was like someone had dialed back the electrical service to our house by about 15%.

At the height of my fever yesterday, I was at 103.4, but 2 hours later I was barely touching 101.

This morning I awoke with a much nastier feeling in my throat, a fever of 100.8, and decided it was time to see a doctor (especially when Amanda's mother suggested it might be strep--yuck!).

A trip to Patient First, a negative strep test, and a fusillade of antibiotics. I've felt pretty stable most of the day: a little headachy, lots of naps, but no major temperature swings.

Hopefully the worst has passed.

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Daniel said...

Hey let me know how it went after... im at the same stage where you left off at. Im curious what happens next. THanks