Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Busy Little Bees

Even in the midst of my yuckyness last week, I managed to fill every second of my weekend with activities.

Saturday saw Amanda & Alastair off to early yard sales and a trip to the park, while I lay around recuperating. Then Jeff & Evelyn came over for lunch, and after they left, it was off to a RiverCityMINI's barbecue. I came home from that an hour later so that we could hit the Filipino Festival, a block away from home. After eating some tasty Filipino food, it was back over to the barbecue for a right proper dinner (and a very tasty one!).

Home, bath for baby, bedtime for baby, and videogames.

Sunday was an autocross, mixed in with baby splinter-removal.

This week people are coming by the house to bid on bricking the edge of the driveway, and Alastair's going to spend at least one night with his grandparents so we can see The Bourne Ultimatum.

Amanda's also trying to figure out when she can go to Seattle to visit Susan, and I'm planning a post-Labor Day beach trip, all the while trying to figure out what to do for my birthday (anybody want to race go-karts?).

It's busy time when it should be dog-days time.

But maybe it's not really all that busy: maybe I'm just recovering, and it seems busy to me.

Enough about me; how's the baby?

He's great! Yesterday we danced around in the living room for a good long while, watched some Sesame Street, and rough-housed on the sofa for a bit. Every afternoon usually sees us wrestling, playing hide & seek, and chasing each other around the house. There have been lots of frozen treats in the last week, too, as I try to heal my throat, so Alastair has been in ice-cream heaven.

BTW- Anybody know why Bruster's on Staples Mill was closed on Monday night?

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Anonymous said...

Big news about Bruster's overheard in the checkout line at Michaels: It caught fire. The lady said that it looked like the refrigeration or air conditioning was badly scorched.

Other news: DSL is working again, but I got a weird error message about my ISP address???

More important news: I love you.