Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The News Ain't Gettin' Any Better out of Texas

Yesterday Amanda went in for routine blood tests. She'd been complaining for a few days (really a week, but off & on) about pain in her legs, but had attributed that pain to increased activity levels (Alastair's with her in TX!).

Well, her blood tests were anything but routine, and the pain in her legs had gotten so bad that she was being pushed around in a wheelchair. Turns out her white blood count was 160,000, which is even higher than it was last week when she was hospitalized.

So she was hospitalized again. This time they performed leukopheresis to reduce her WBC, and kept her overnight. Today she got the results of the leukopheresis, and while her WBC came down to 40K, they're going to repeat the procedure and follow it up with 5 days of chemo.

Here's the kicker: they want her to seriously consider doing a transplant in Texas. Probably right after the chemo. They don't want to wait around for remission, which has us a little nervous: we're starting to think the doctors at MD Anderson believe she has a very narrow window in which to perform life-saving procedures.

To be as honest as possible, there's very little chance that she'll survive this. My research has shown a 0% survival rate on HSCT recipients with active leukemia. MCV wouldn't even consider it. But there must be some shadow of hope or they wouldn't recommend it at all, and I'm certainly no hemo-oncologist.

Alastair and her mom are staying out there thru Saturday, and her dad is driving back out there early tomorrow morning. I'm in a holding pattern for now, but will be on a plane if anything changes for the worse.


Kim said...

Hugs, Adrian. And peace. I don't know what to say or do. Can I help around the house to make things easier for you? Let me know if you need a kitty sitter if you need to go. Let me know if you need a house cleaner. Let me know if you need a shoulder. Give my love to Amanda. You're all in my prayers - I'm praying specifically that she's the first miracle for this procedure.

Kim "Clifton" said...

Adrian, I want you to know that I think about ya'll everyday. If you need anything, I work just up the street from you. Please let Mr. and Mrs. Foley know that I also think about them every day. I went to elementary school with Amanda. She was my buddie and brought my homework to me when I was sick - I wish I could do something now to return the favor.

Daniel said...

sending my love to you and your family...

Anonymous said...

Know that there are prayers for Amanda and the family. She is on many prayer chains and her story has touched many lives. No matter how slim the chance there is alway hope.

Peace and prayers,
Deborah Hubbs