Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Crummy Day

So you already knew that Amanda went to the ER this morning, and this just 3 days after I came home.

She was treated for dehydration, which brought her heart-rate down, but then they told her that her white blood cell counts were still too high, despite the 5 days worth of hydroxy urea she'd been taking. So they've admitted her, and will be administering a small amount of ARA-C, which is an element of standard chemo packages. If all goes well, she should be discharged by Friday.

I just spoke to her a little while ago, and she's waiting for a bed to be brought into her room. She doesn't have her computer with her, and she might not get access to the interwebs until she's discharged.

Her mom and Alastair are scheduled to fly to Houston on Saturday, so keep your fingers crossed that she gets out before they come.

EDIT: Her dad is there with her right now, and I think he's scheduled to come home Friday.

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Kim said...

So sorry, Adrian. Is anyone there with her? Can she take phone calls? This must be so awful for both of you.

(Hugs). Hang in there, buddy!!!