Friday, October 10, 2008


Some numb-nuts tried to steal from Will & Olivia yesterday. He fired a gun in their shop, took off running, and fortunately was dumb enough to fire off a shot at a cop. They caught him (the cops, that is), and with an attempted capital murder charge, he'll be up the river for a loooooooong time.

So take a moment and send some love to our good friends and coffeeshop proprietors. I'm thinking of getting Amanda to apply for a part-time security job over there.


Aquarian17 said...

Good riddance to the numb-skull that fired that shot. One of my coworkers know someone with a home near the Crossroads and the shot that was fired went into her home and missed her by 6 inches. I hope I do not hear some whiny sob story about how this fool was on hard times and had no other options.

Daniel said...

man... i can't go out of town for just a few days anymore or I'll miss all the action. Glad no one (who wasn't the perp) was hurt.