Friday, February 01, 2008

Sometimes Life is Exciting in Non-Baby Ways

We got our new TV on Wednesday. We opted for the Sharp Aquos 46" LCD (LC-46D64U, if you're interested), and we're feeding it with a Sony PlayStation 3 (80GB), TivoHD, and the component-output of my Onkyo TX-NR801 receiver.

All of this replaces the old 27" tube Magnavox, Sony DVD player, and Tivo Series 2.

To make the installation right, we got a wall-mount and I just finished ordering all the accessories necessary to put the cables behind the wall. And since I'm going to that trouble, I'm finally going to hide the speaker cables, too.

And if I'm going to go to all that trouble, I might as well get my network ports rigged up to the other side of the room. I found this really cool replacement toe-molding that's actually a hidden cable-tray. That should allow me to deal with some nasty exterior-wall issues.

And if I'm going to all of that trouble, it's probably time to completely re-wire the house for networking, phone, and cable. To that end I'm researching telecommunications racks, patch panels, signal distribution units, and all sorts of other super-cool geek toys. I'm hoping to run conduit up through the walls to the attic and rain down network connections to every room.

Aw yeah: things is gonna get nerdy.

VMWare, Citrix provisioning, 64-bit SQL cluster, Spotlight on Windows, Hyena, Rapid Deployment Services, HP C-class blades. Just a few of the new geeky toys we're playing with, and the list keeps growing!

I've replaced all the suspension bushings in the rear of the Miata, and now need to do the front 8, repack the bearings, and bleed the brakes.

I'm in the market for an enclosed trailer to tow the car, and then it's off to VIR in March for 2 days of track attacking!


These are some exciting times for me. All super nerdy, but a lot of fun as both technical and physical challenges.

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Ev said...

So you did all of THAT on Friday night? Holy crap!