Wednesday, February 20, 2008

If this is dying, I don't much care for it

It's no great secret that I've been sick a lot in 2008. I started the year sick, meandered through a maze of illnesses, and have probably only been really "well" for about 2 or 3 weeks. So imagine my surprise last Friday when I started feeling a little woozy at night.

It was gone in the morning, but I could be best described as similar to being very tipsy. Not drunk, but close.

And then it came back Saturday afternoon. And Sunday afternoon. And Monday afternoon. Every morning it was gone, only to come back around 4 or 5pm, and it lasted until I went to bed.

By Monday evening, I was getting annoyed, and my lips were beginning to tingle every time I got light-headed. Ok, that's a fever. Sure enough: 99.6.

On Tuesday, I was greeted with the same feelings in the morning.

I suppose it's officially time to worry.

I've also found a small lump in my armpit (probably a lymph node) and have a slight sore throat.

Then there's the fact that I've lost 5 pounds this year without working out at all, and tend to lose my appetite during meals. And the joyful new ability I have to determine when I'm coming down with something: all light sources seem about 15% reduced.

So, to review:

Swollen lymph node
Tingly lips
Loss of Appetite
Unexplained weight-loss
Reduced sensitivity to light
Fatigue (Amanda thinks that's a real one, but I'm not convinced)

Amanda, who loves to watch the show, has taken to playing Dr. House, which fits pretty well with my natural preponderance for hypochondria. So what do I have? According to the good doctor, I'm most likely suffering from Leukemia, or more specifically, non-hodgkins lymphoma. I am, therefore, dying. The romance of it all is just overwhelming.

So tomorrow at 10:50 I'm going to see a real doctor, because playing doctor at home just isn't much fun.

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