Friday, May 19, 2006

Happy Anniversary to me!

It's a busy time of year: I'm in a wedding tomorrow, for which there's a rehearsal dinner tonight. Amanda and her mom are going out to camp on Sunday to clean. Her grandmother is moving to Richmond next weekend. My grass has gone 2 weeks without cutting. Alastair started his first week of full-time daycare. There's an autocross, a company "fun" event, and my friend Mariah's birthday all on the 4th of June, and we're getting the hell out of town the following weekend.

Last weekend, I spent a wet day on the parking lot of the ACCA Temple with 42 other guys in a miserable autocross, ran in the Susan G Komen Race for the Cure on Saturday, and had a company breakfast on Friday.

The weekend before that was Arts in the Park and a cook-out for Jeff & Evelyn's wedding.

Then there's the important thing: today is my anniversary. I've been married to my sweety for 6 fabulous years. Last year we were in Asheville, touring the Biltmore (again). We followed up the experience with a full day of spa treatment the next day. This year? Nothing.

It's like the event just doesn't even exist this year. Alastair takes up so much energy (I love him to death), and he's getting his first cold. The wedding has us running all over Creation today: picking up the tux, attending the rehearsal, getting ready for tomorrow. Plus, due to the convergence of these circumstances, we're in town for the whole weekend.

I think it was about 11:15 pm last night when I realized that today was our anniversary. I've never felt so disappointed.

But Amanda had a great idea: tonight, after we put Boy to bed, we're going to sit on the porch and drink a bottle of wine. I can't wait. I'd sit and drink a bottle of Boone's with that woman.

So, back to Alastair: he started daycare this week. It's so emotionally exhausting. We get up bright and early, cram as much preparation as possible into the morning, rouse him, feed him, and put him in the car. All of this with the desire of getting me to work at a relatively early time. Then, I drive him here, go through the long, involved process of dropping him off at the daycare, and the long, involved process of actually leaving him there (it's tough to see those beautiful eyes when you're trying to leave).

I do enjoy getting to go and visit with him during the day. The daycare is very supportive of parents coming and visiting whenever they want. On Monday, I went and fed him, Tuesday I sat with him for a while, and today I talked to him and rocked him to sleep. I love that kid to death!

On Tuesday night, he did something really cool: he rolled over. I put him on his tummy, and he arched his back up really high. Then he just shoved with his right arm and over he went. It was his first time, and I was beside myself with delight.

He's starting to lengthen out now. I informally measured him yesterday at about 26", which is about 2" longer than he had been for the last month. It's evident when we dress him, too: most of his clothes fit his girth, but no longer fit his length. He'll be 4 months old on Monday, and he's already outgrowing his 6M clothes.


Car stuff:

I ordered 195/55R14 Kumho V710 race tires for the Miata today. With these tires and a new exhaust (yet to be ordered), the car will be fully outfitted for stock class racing. Add to that the hub-centric rings I got for both the 16x7 SSR's and 17x7 Kosei's, and now all of my wheels/tires will fit on the Miata.

This gives me a lot of options, and I think the SSR/Falken combo will be the perfect setup for July's track day.

I'm excited!


Tripp said...

Happy anniversary!

Ours was yesterday (3 wonderful years).

We're going out tonight for a simple dinner at Comfort and then home for a movie.


Maybe...but we're happy. :)

ahamos said...

That sounds like a big date to me, right now. It's amazing what you come to think of as a big night out when you have a small child.