Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Sleep, blessed Sleep

Alastair slept through the night. Again. Again again again. Last night marked the 4th night (total, but 3rd in a row) that Alastair has let us sleep until the alarm clock beeped.

For the last two mornings, I've found him with his arms extricated from the swaddle, busily eating his hands. He's gotten the hang (sort of) of sucking his thumb, and hasn't had nearly as much need for the pacifier.

His farts are also nowhere near as loud, but he's destroying outfits at a feverish pace with his miraculous ability to poop upward. Yesterday morning we pulled him out of a onesy that was absolutely filled with liquidy poop. That was fun. That predicated a bath last night, which we think is his absolute favorite activity.

He splashes, he plays, he smiles and pees, and rarely (if ever) does he cry in the water.

My little guy is 10 weeks, 2 days old, and is holding his head up for over a minute (under the right circumstances), weighs over 14 lbs (14 even on the 23rd of last month, so he probably weighs 15 lbs now), and is starting to actually grab and play with his toys.

He's awesome.

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