Tuesday, April 25, 2006

No more car-trashin!

I bought a Miata. Well, I won an Ebay auction for a Miata, and I'm going up to New Jersey on Friday to pick it up.

It's a '94, it's red, and for the next 87 days, you can read about it here. After that, you'll have to rely on my description: limited-slip differential, hard top, brand new soft top, 89K miles, manual transmission, factory CD, A/C. It's very pretty.

I'm taking the train to Philadelphia at 8am on Friday, arriving at 12:19pm, and the seller's meeting me at the station. I'll give him the cashier's check, grab the keys, eat some lunch, and make the long, torturous drive back to Richmond, hopefully arriving in time for dinner.

I'm having my new tires (205/40R16 Falken Azenis RT-615's) mounted to my SSR's today, so I can throw the fun wheels on the Miata almost immediately, if I want. I'll probably run them on the MINI for a couple of weeks first, though, just to get the feel of such short tires (and also to see if I'll need new hub-centering rings for the Miata).

After everything's settled on the Miata (in terms of it being mechanically sound and ready for autocrossing), I'll pull the end-links and caliper stiffeners off the MINI. I'll probably even pull the exhaust.

I think I'll sell those items first, possibly along with the Wilwood brakes. Who knows: maybe I'll keep some of it, just in case...

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Anonymous said...

have you sold your mini parts yet? If not send me a list of what is left, maybe we can do some business.